5 Steps to a More Optimised Print Environment

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It’s no secret that organisations are seeking to cut down on costs and what better and more effective way to do so than starting with the print environment. It is known that the typical organisation’s second most costly expense lies within the print environment.

What is needed is a centralised, strategic approach – one that is based on a thorough assessment of the costs, volumes, support needs and employee effort associated with the workflow.

With such an assessment, companies often find that they can:

  • reduce the number of printers and copiers hanging on their network
  • cut support and supply costs
  • optimise their equipment leases and maintenance contracts


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6 Tips for Managing Vendor Relationships

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Managing Vendor Relationships is often focussed on finding suppliers with the cheapest price for a product or service, however, it’s about much more than just that.  Vendor management is about ensuring that the agreement between the company and the supplier is mutually beneficial for both parties.

By ensuring that you manage vendors effectively, you ensure proper service delivery at the required rate and satisfaction to help achieve your business goals.

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