Factors That Make up Your Total Cost to Print a Page – TCO!

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Does it really cost only 6 cents to print a page?

Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your entire printing environment is the first step in knowing the true cost per printed page – which is usually nowhere near 6 cents to print a page!

Deciding on a printing device that will cater for everyone’s needs, but at the same time fit the budget, may seem impossible.  Most companies base decisions on the cost per page to determine the best option in terms of price.

Before figuring out what option works out cheaper, you must understand what exactly you need in a printing device to ensure you don’t pay for a whole lot of functionality you won’t use.  

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10 Important Steps to Conducting a Successful Print Assessment

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When conducting a Print Assessment, companies often do not start with a physical check of what they have. Instead they rely on their suppliers to provide them with information on devices for analysis.  The problem with this approach is that suppliers often don’t track their own information as accurately as one might think, which results in organizations making decisions based on flawed data sets.  Statistics show that most companies have at least double the devices they thought they had and that the vast majority of supplier provided data has significant discrepancies.

Companies often only analyse costs and although most companies have been able to put in solutions to reduce costs to some extent, they still fail to review some of the most important factors that cause their costs to be high in the first place, and the Total Cost of Ownership of their print environment.


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