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14 Factors to Choosing the Right Office Printer

By 1st Aug 2018Uncategorised

All businesses use office printers, and few really know which printer to purchase that will cater to their requirements.

Not all printers print documents of the same quality, not all printers can perform the same jobs and have the same functions. Choosing the right printer is pretty much as complex a purchase as getting a computer, laptop or smartphone.


It also doesn’t help when retailers presume you know what DPI (dots per inch) and NFC (near field communication) mean.

When choosing the right office printer, you need to go back to basics. Below are the 14 factors you need to consider when choosing the right printer for your office environment:

  1. Number of Users vs Number of Printers
  2. Speed and Price
  3. Inject or Laser
  4. Colour or Mono
  5. Print Quality
  6. Stand-Alone or Multifunction
  7. Duplex Printing
  8. Compatibility
  9. Paper Sizes
  10. Ink Costs
  11. Print Security
  12. Device and Connectivity
  13. Print Quantity and Printer Durability
  14. Total Cost of Ownership

In the infographic, we will give you all the necessary info regarding what you need to know about printer technologies, speed, price and more, ultimately guiding you in making your decision easier when finding the best office printer for your needs.

 To download the infographic, please click on the below tab.Contact Us

It is preferable to have print devices on an SLA as opposed to having their maintenance and consumable costs procured and requested on an ad-hoc basis. When a businesses is purchasing printers and copiers outright