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The Impact of Printing on the Environment

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The reduction of printing and paper usage has been gradually taking place throughout the business world for many years now. While there are many businesses – indeed entire sectors – that have almost come to the point of being completely paperless, printing remains important for other companies and industries. While it may not be feasible to eliminate printing completely, it is becoming essential to manage and reduce it, as the world advances quickly towards the adoption of green business practices. Green Office takes a look at the reasons why printing should be reduced and controlled in order to help create a safer, more sustainable future.

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Which is the best laptop stand for me?

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If you are experiencing neck and upper back pain while spending many hours in front of your laptop, you may want to look at purchasing a laptop stand (or notebook riser). Apart from ergonomic benefits, some people find that they can type faster when their keyboards are slightly elevated, increasing productivity.

There are literally hundreds of different laptop stands to choose from. Their prices vary considerably, mainly due to differences in size, design complexity, as well as the types of materials used in manufacturing. When making your decision on which to purchase, you need to ask yourself the following question – what is the main factor in determining what I need from my laptop stand, is it ergonomics or convenience? The answer to this question will help determine which type of laptop stand will suit you best.

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4 Eco-friendly Office Must Haves

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Green Office is always looking for new ways and new gadgets to make offices more eco-friendly. We have hunted for some of the best items to help your office reduce its carbon footprint. These eco-friendly gadgets and items will not only help you go green, but also save you money in the long term.

Meeting in officeEco-friendly Office Items

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How Digital Transformation for Your Business Lessens the Impact from Recent Events in South Africa

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How resilient are we as South Africans!  

Green Office realise that digital transformation is critical to business success. Just consider everything that businesses have been faced with within the past 24 months in a South African context.  

First came the Covid-19 pandemic which has thrust all businesses into a hard lockdown that severely impacted our ability to trade, operate, and generate revenue. Then came POPIA, the Protection of Personal Information Act, which has indirectly made managing physical data impossible. Then there was the most recent incident of the civil unrest that predominantly took place in KZN and Gauteng which again left many businesses unable to operate due to staff not being able to go to site. 

At Green Office, we strongly believe that digital transformation will assist in lessening the impact of such events on your business if pursued correctly and that it will give you great returns. 

We have therefore focussed a lot of energy on developing our digital and software solution offering to ensure we are equipped to help our clients and the market implement digital migration tools that will add exponential value.  

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Finance Department Business Process Optimization

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All businesses are trying to increase revenue and reduce costs in an increasingly competitive environment. This has resulted in staff feeling increased pressure to deliver products and services faster, better and more cost-efficiently without compromising on quality. Any business growth however comes with increased operational costs. It is therefore critical that a business’s truly wanting to see sustainable growth in profitability, market share, and success, place emphasis and a focused eye on their business processes, efficiencies, and their use of technology. This can play a critical role in a business’s success or failure.  Remaining relevant with technology in today’s age will be a company’s competitive advantage.  

Our Business Process assessments have revealed that many work environments are still fraught with redundant processes that are inefficient and that waste time, resources, and money to fulfill. Most staff never challenge the current processes in their line of business, which can cost the company dearly.  This however can be changed by driving a culture of continuous improvement in the workplace, where staff is encouraged to bring innovative and fresh ideas to the table that will result in improved processes and efficiencies. All Businesses should aim to simplify their daily and monotonous tasks by refining, digitising, and automating processes so that their businesses can remain relevant, competitive, and profitable.  

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