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The Green Office Story and Beyond 2020

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As with most companies this year, Green Office is under immense pressure to drive cost reductions while generating sales to ensure that we are sustainable and will be around next year! Luckily for us, our purpose is to make business more efficient and sustainable, and that is exactly what we’ve been doing for our own business and are planning on doing this year and beyond.

Green Office has been in operation since 1997, starting out in a garage with only three people. We are now a fully fledged Managed Service Business focusing on driving efficiencies and sustainability initiatives to ensure that our clients don’t have physical, financial and operational waste.

Green Office will be focusing on delivering services within the following four towers:


  1. Managed Print Services looking at all aspects of a print environment.
  2. Digitalisation Consulting, Services & Technology
  3. Cyber Security, focusing on identifying and managing vulnerabilities
  4. Sustainability Consulting, through assessments and training, amongst other items.

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The Importance of Digitization Software in the Banking Industry

By Device Management Software, Digitalisation, Efficient, Green Office, Innovation, Office Solutions, Print Management Software

Written by Chasthi Grant in collaboration with Riaan van Rensburg

Hello again and green greetings!

 Let’s recap from our previous blog post, Digitization in the Banking Industry…

  • Green Office’s approach understands the digitisation end-goal, driving print to zero, entrenching and guiding the business towards a paperless utopia.
  • Green Office has conducted varying sets of decompositions within the banking industry.
  • Green Office will identify, assess, conduct user interviews, present the findings and advise the most sustainable solutions.


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Cost Recovery – It’s not as difficult as you think!

By Efficient, Green Office, Innovation, Office Solutions, Print Management Software

Cost recovery in any business is essential. In law firms, it’s even more important to ensure that billable items land on clients’ invoices. Disbursements are often either manually tracked and billed, or it is isn’t recovered 100%. (This is an opportunity lost to generate an income for your business!)


Our preferred software for printing, telephony management and cost recovery is PaperCut.  Not a lot of companies know that PaperCut offers telephony billing, through an add-on module called, Revoco.  We’ve worked with various law firms of different sizes and for us, this software is a must.

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Are your printers vulnerable to a Cyber Attack?

By Cyber Security, Device Management Software, Efficient, Green Office, Innovation, Office Printing, Office Solutions, POPI Act, Print Environment, Print Management Software, Printing Industry

This question often comes up, and the answer to it is certainly yes. Your printing devices connect to nearly every device in your corporate network and most printers are not even designed with cyber security in mind. If hackers are hungry enough for information they will use any possible way to get “inside’’ your network. Their intent is to get access and control of your printer and from there your network. If they have access to the network, they will have control over your data.

The hackers want data that contains sensitive information that they can use to harm your company financially or place malicious software on your network to bring your business to its knees, harming your company’s IT infrastructure.


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Matter Costing – How Print Management Software Can Raise the Bar

By Device Management Software, Efficient, Green Office, Innovation, Office Printing, Office Solutions, Print Environment, Print Management Software

Having a print management software to recover matter billing from your clients is no longer a pleasant option, but rather an essential part of your law firm’s IT toolkit.  However, although most firms recognise this need and the importance of this revenue stream, most aren’t sure what the best software is and how to go about it.

Let’s fix that.

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