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Cost Recovery – It’s not as difficult as you think!

Cost recovery in any business is essential. In law firms, it’s even more important to ensure that billable items land on clients’ invoices. Disbursements are often either manually tracked and billed, or it is isn’t recovered 100%. (This is an opportunity lost to generate an income for your business!)


Our preferred software for printing, telephony management and cost recovery is PaperCut.  Not a lot of companies know that PaperCut offers telephony billing, through an add-on module called, Revoco.  We’ve worked with various law firms of different sizes and for us, this software is a must.

Here are our Top 5 reasons for recommending the PaperCut MF & Revoco product:

1. Trusted Name in the Industry
Founded by two young software developers back in 1998, PaperCut is an Australian based product with massive credibility and local support. After 21 years they still have their first employees, first resellers, and first customers. The software is used across 100 million end-users, 180 countries, and 60,000 organizations.

2. Compatible with Virtually all Brands and Models
PaperCut has embedded technology running on 24 different hardware brands. We’ve deployed the software in numerous multi-branded and multi-vendor environments with great success.

3. Telephony Addition (Revoco Cloud Based Module)
With Recovo telephony billing module you are guaranteed not to miss a minute of telephone billing time. Our experience with this particular solution in terms of the benefits is that it’s a pure SaaS model with a fully functional web-based client, and offers support for 32- and 64-bit operating systems. The user interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to adopt.

4. Ease of Integration
From an installation, configuration and integration perspective, it’s simply developed to deploy easily. The latest version of PaperCut’s print management software comes with a function to automatically deploy print queues to users, eliminating the need for a resource to be dedicated to completing this part of the installation.

For law firms specifically, it can integrate with the following South African used systems seamlessly:

  • GhostPractice
  • LegalSuite
  • Lexpro
  • AJS
  • WinLaw, etc.


Figure 1: International systems available for integration

5. Innovation is Key for the PaperCut Team
Innovation for the team in Australia is front of mind. They are continuously working on improvements for new version releases to excite both resellers and clients. The latest version upgrade includes the following key additions:

    • Zero-touch deploy (can embed a device remotely)
    • Multi-Language support (18 different language options)
    • Custom reporting (over 80 reports available)
    • Scan2Cloud now available on GoogleDrive / OneDrive / Dropbox / Evernote / pCloud

When it comes to cost recovery, we believe that businesses should be able to recover 100% of their print costs from their client base. If you’d like to calculate how much you are recovering, please click on the below tab to download our free calculator.

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We also offer a proof of concept (POC) on the product to showcase the functionality and ease of use both for the end users and for the technical team – please click on the below to find out more.

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