Is your data Secure?

It’s not whether you’ll be hacked, but rather when. A business is hacked every 14 seconds, reduce your chances of being one of them.



“What no one is talking about”

What is a Vulnerability?

It’s a state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or hacked. It can lead to multiple risks, such as, data file leaks, sensitive information leaks (usernames / passwords), malware, Denial of Service attacks, compromised systems, unauthorised access to the network, etc.

Network Vulnerability

Unpatched operation systems & applications

Lack of patch management

Unmanaged mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.)

Poorly configured & outdated firewall rules

Weak or default passwords

Insider privelage misuse (USB drives, print screens, optical media etc.)

What we Offer

Let us deploy a tool to scan your Vulnerabilities and show you where you are exposed to the possibility of being hacked.