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Having a print management software to recover matter billing from your clients is no longer a pleasant option, but rather an essential part of your law firm’s IT toolkit.  However, although most firms recognise this need and the importance of this revenue stream, most aren’t sure what the best software is and how to go about it.

Let’s fix that.

bill_origWe’ll take you through the most important aspects to consider when buying or upgrading your matter billing print management software.

1. What does this software enable you to do?
Law firms install and manage print management software mainly for billing clients for their operational printing/copying/faxing/scanning costs for particular matters.

The software is embedded on your print devices to then give users the ability to select the matter they want to charge to when they are at the print device. Some software systems also allow the users the choice to print from their computer or tablet using a ‘tool’ (small software component that runs on user systems), to select the correct matter before printing.

Some systems also allow for workflows, enabling the user to capture and process data without the need to print. Scanning of items into an application for an automatic workflow to kick-off directly from the print device is also available on most software systems.

2. Most important factors to consider.
When evaluating what software is best for your firm, be sure to consider the following key factors:

Green Office_Matter-Costing-Infographic

3. What is available in the market?
Within the South African market, we’ve mostly come across nQueue Billback, Equitrac and PaperCut. These software systems all provide similar functionality within the law firm industry.

The importance is to determine which print management software would suit your environment, infrastructure and budget best, with the relevant support in a South African context.

We would strongly recommend that a POC on the software is completed before you make a decision, as this will allow you insights into how well it integrates with your software platforms, what the functionality is and what reporting insights you’ll receive.

In summary:
The question is not whether you need it, but rather how quickly you can get a print management system implemented into your environment. This can become a great revenue stream for your law firm as you can easily cover your firm’s total printing costs with the costs recovered from your matter billing.

Please download our case study which shows the benefits and the cost advantages of implementing a system like this.

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