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The Importance of Digitization Software in the Banking Industry

Written by Chasthi Grant in collaboration with Riaan van Rensburg

Hello again and green greetings!

 Let’s recap from our previous blog post, Digitization in the Banking Industry…

  • Green Office’s approach understands the digitisation end-goal, driving print to zero, entrenching and guiding the business towards a paperless utopia.
  • Green Office has conducted varying sets of decompositions within the banking industry.
  • Green Office will identify, assess, conduct user interviews, present the findings and advise the most sustainable solutions.


Based on the successful implementation of the above, digitisation within the banking industry, would need to embrace multiple software suites, which will result in the adoption of the solution providing the best value output.  Some of the software suites that Green Office has utilised to obtain optimised value output are nddPrint 360, PaperCut, Ringdale, Equitrac, My-Queue and many more.

Despite the multiple platforms that can be utilised, the true value lies in Green Office reflecting the verified data.  This acts as a springboard in the reduction or elimination of print, and in the proposal of digital workflows and transformation processes.


Who, what, why?  Why are these simple questions critical in the digital transformation process? 

The data is key and provides the answers to the who, what and why questions regarding printing. 

This data must be in a format that will give you qualification criteria to perform the correct action leading to print reduction and finally elimination.  On a more technical format, the quantifying action for the source data would need to be in a format that is easily tracked and managed against an organisations’ Active Directory.  This is critical for the connection of data between the domain user and a cost centre within the organisation.

“Garbage in garbage out”, is poignant considering data integrity.  No amount of digitisation will mask inaccurate data.  Hence data integrity i.e. accurate data is critical. 

Within the banking industry legacy systems prevent, and in fact scare many areas within the business from addressing these processes. The resistance to address the who, what and why questions sets banking institutes apart from each other in the digital world.  It is vital for the right people to analyse the data and disseminate the message it provides. 

What does this mean?  Green Office understands and supports the view that analysis requires a keen eye for said analysis e.g. high-volume print areas, duplicated processes and similar anomalies that exist in the banking industry.

The multiple software platforms provide solutions that eliminate prints – an example would be a client visiting a branch.  It is a known fact that queues within a branch is due to extensive administration that is needed.  With the onset of mapping processes, many processes can be eliminated, with a single digital solution like applying a digital signature or by making use of workflow software.

Application of logic with technology at the forefront will eliminate time, money and frustration when visiting your next bank.

For more information on digitising your paper/printing process, have one of our Consultants get in touch with you regarding Digitalisation.

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