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One Planet Living – Culture of Sustainability

Continuing our series exploring Bioregional’s ten principles of One Planet Living, this month we will be looking at the culture and community principle.  The importance of instilling a culture of sustainability within staff and the community within which businesses operate cannot be overstated enough.  Bioregional’s culture and community principle encourages businesses to nurture local identity and heritage, empower communities and promote a culture of sustainable living.

Culture of Sustainability

A company interested in pursuing One Planet Living instills a culture of sustainability amongst staff, customers and suppliers.  Additionally, they strive to assist the community within which they operate financially and non-financially, such as donating staff time to a community project or undertaking a renovation project at a local school.

A vital aspect of enhancing a sustainability culture within staff members is ensuring that staff are interested in sustainability and environmental issues.  To do this, training, raising awareness, and continual communication with staff is key.  In fact, sustainability should be included as a component of business’ induction programme for new staff. 

Here are some ideas on how to grow a culture of sustainability within your business:

  1. Volunteer Days
  2. Encourage Recycling
  3. Use Eco-Transport
  4. Do Green Deeds
  5. Donate, Don’t Waste
  6. Be Eco-Wise

Culture of Sustainability info

The effort to inform and involve employees in all thing’s sustainability must be continuous to be effective.  It is important to continue to demonstrate to employees that the business cares about the environment, the community, as well as their personal wellbeing to create a contagious, positive experience. 

Are you interested in creating a culture of sustainability within your staff?
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