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Managing Your Print Environment = A More Sustainable Business

By 6th Nov 2019Mar 19th, 2021Uncategorised

Written by James Tooley in collaboration with Wilma O’Neill

What are the main pain points for retailers when looking at managing their print environment?

When it comes to your print environment there are a lot of things to consider, but in retail there’s not always time to:

  • Look for the best price
  • Manage your hardware, contracts and stock
  • While managing a store and trying to cut costs, you still need to find a way to be more sustainable.



Pain is when your store manager can’t process the opening of an account due to printing issues!
Pain is when stock sheets and product information can’t be printed!
Pain is when a cartridge is faulty or runs out of ink too quickly before it can be replenished!
Pain is when short-sightedness results in a higher expense for paying less!

Printing within the retail space is critical to operations. Business process relies on the efficacy of the printing process and therefore it is essential to have a seamless print environment. Retail IT and procurement departments residing at Head Office are often inundated with users at store level complaining about printing issues caused mostly by printer cartridge quality, supply and performance.

The challenge for many retailers, as with any high-volume low margin business is increasing the bottom line. The first step to doing this is in procurement and the reflex response is to buy cheaper! However cheaper is not always better, and this is the hidden truth particularly in the print consumables market.

Chinese imports are flooding the market at low unit costs with the result that print expenses are reduced…. or are they? And at what expense? There is always a trade-off, and in this case, faulty cartridges, the inability to print, inaccurate measurement of coverage, cartridge replenishment, low yields, cartridge waste, user frustration, and at times customer frustration, are the result of seemingly saving money.

It’s a balancing act and focussing on the unit cost per cartridge is a dangerous tightrope to walk.

What is required is a quality cartridge, with a consistent high yield that is always in stock, is price competitive sustainably-produced and recyclable. It is true that these cartridges cost more than cheaper imports, however considering the benefits, the total cost may be less.

Why should retailers pay attention to sustainability?

Going green offers a wealth of benefits to retailers who, in this day and age, are needing to prove to their customers that they are making credible efforts to be more sustainable. Yet smaller retailers often struggle to find ways of reducing their footprints scalable to their operations. However, there still are some strong initiatives out there which are adaptable to businesses of every size by making one change – like switching from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cartridge to a re-manufactured cartridge – can be a small step in the right direction.


Green Office provides a proudly South African re-manufactured cartridge solution where, delivery is on time (predicative analytics), quality is guaranteed, yields are consistent, waste is managed, users are happy and business printing process is seamless.

Buying printer cartridges is likely to be a necessary expense for your business regardless of your size. Since most retailers do not have the time to shop around for pricing, they often pay more than what they should for printer cartridges. Like an eye-test, an assessment of a retail print space can cure myopia (short sightedness) and provide a clearer view of the real cost of buying cheap. Efficiency drives business, reduces cost and reduces the pain, and pain is for myopic tightrope walkers that fall!  If you can measure it you can manage it, and our recommendation is to calculate the real cost of printing to find the right solution for your print environment.

This is where Green Office can help.

efficiencyGreen Office is a distributor of re-manufactured and OEM cartridges.  We have developed a series of sophisticated internal processes and software tools that monitor and control the entire cartridge procurement process – from purchase, to distribution, through usage and finally disposal, creating a perfect, end-to-end solution. Our cartridge solutions are managed based on customer needs – whether they need OEM cartridges for laser jet or ink jet printing, or re-manufactured cartridges that have been manufactured by Green Office.

Contact us to review our Case Study completed for the JD Group and how Green Office has helped them become more efficient within their print environment. 

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