The Impact of Printing on the Environment

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The reduction of printing and paper usage has been gradually taking place throughout the business world for many years now. While there are many businesses – indeed entire sectors – that have almost come to the point of being completely paperless, printing remains important for other companies and industries. While it may not be feasible to eliminate printing completely, it is becoming essential to manage and reduce it, as the world advances quickly towards the adoption of green business practices. Green Office takes a look at the reasons why printing should be reduced and controlled in order to help create a safer, more sustainable future.

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4 Eco-friendly Office Must Haves

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Green Office is always looking for new ways and new gadgets to make offices more eco-friendly. We have hunted for some of the best items to help your office reduce its carbon footprint. These eco-friendly gadgets and items will not only help you go green, but also save you money in the long term.

Meeting in officeEco-friendly Office Items

Keep reading to learn some of the best items to invest in when going green. For more tips on building a sustainable office, visit our blog. Read More

6 Ways to Save Paper in the Office

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Nowadays it has become every civilian’s duty to do their part in protecting the environment. So much so that multiple businesses are becoming more environmentally friendly just to stay relevant- we love it. Green Office are committed to helping offices reduce their carbon footprint, which is why we are sharing 6 ways to save paper in your office.Work team working digitally to save paper

How to Reduce Paper Used in Your Office

Here are 6 simple ways to reduce the amount of paper being used in your office. For more tips on going green and to stay updated on all-things environmentally friendly, visit our blog. Read More

5 Ways to Ensure an Eco-friendly Office

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Offices are a major contributor to waste. Be it paper or energy, the choices of an office all contribute to their carbon footprint. There are so many things that you can do to ensure that you are working in an environmentally friendly office. With the planet deteriorating each year, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they are doing their part- starting with your office. Green Office are sharing a few tips on how to ensure your office is a greener place.

How to Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

Green Office is all about doing our bit for more eco-friendly businesses. Here are 5 ways that you can make your office more environmentally friendly. Visit our blog to stay updated on green tips from around the world. Read More