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What are the Benefits of the Green Office Managed Print Services

By 30th May 2022Uncategorised

If your business requires large volumes of printing, including the laborious task of installing and maintaining several printers, there are considerable financial, administrative and environmental costs to consider. This is why you need professional Managed Print Services Green Office explains why these services can be so beneficial to your business.

The benefits of Green Office Managed Print ServicesWhat are Managed Print Services?

Our Managed Print Services are planned, scheduled printing management programmes that enable you to control your printing devices, keep them running and increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs and environmental impact. We know that printers constitute a significant capital investment, and that printing itself pushes up the running costs, as well as your business’s carbon footprint. Our services are designed to mitigate and minimize costs, remove the burden of printer management from your shoulders, and maximize efficiency. Let us take a look at the specific benefits you get from our Managed Print Services

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What you get from Managed Print Services

  • Reduced total cost of ownership: By hiring Green Office to manage your printing devices, you reduce the overall cost of owning those devices in the first place. This is achieved through consolidating your hardware after a thorough print assessment, and managing everything through an automated, cloud-based system that integrates individual devices into a single print ecosystem.
  • Increased efficiency: Professional print management frees up your staff’s time so they can be more efficient and productive. They will never have to waste time on printer-related tasks that eat into their working hours.
  • Reduced environmental footprint: Managed Print Services empower you to reduce the amount of paper you use, as well as print consumables and electricity. A monitoring system is include in the services, and this enables you to keep an eye on your levels of print usage and control them. You can then include your paper- and ink-saving efforts in your Corporate Social Responsibility report.
  • Stronger data security: When we do an initial print assessment, we will identify any IP security risks at your organisation. Our MPS programme will then include measures to mitigate those risks. We may, for example, institute sign-in procedures or install printers with automatic hard drive erasure facilities, as well as beefing up your network to keep your information safe from hackers.

Make Your Office More Sustainable with Green Office’s Managed Print Services

Let Green Office help you implement the changes needed to make your working environment secure and eco-friendly. Contact us for more information about our services.

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