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How Digital Transformation for Your Business Lessens the Impact from Recent Events in South Africa

By Digitalisation

How resilient are we as South Africans!  

Green Office realise that digital transformation is critical to business success. Just consider everything that businesses have been faced with within the past 24 months in a South African context.  

First came the Covid-19 pandemic which has thrust all businesses into a hard lockdown that severely impacted our ability to trade, operate, and generate revenue. Then came POPIA, the Protection of Personal Information Act, which has indirectly made managing physical data impossible. Then there was the most recent incident of the civil unrest that predominantly took place in KZN and Gauteng which again left many businesses unable to operate due to staff not being able to go to site. 

At Green Office, we strongly believe that digital transformation will assist in lessening the impact of such events on your business if pursued correctly and that it will give you great returns. 

We have therefore focussed a lot of energy on developing our digital and software solution offering to ensure we are equipped to help our clients and the market implement digital migration tools that will add exponential value.  

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Finance Department Business Process Optimization

By Digitalisation

All businesses are trying to increase revenue and reduce costs in an increasingly competitive environment. This has resulted in staff feeling increased pressure to deliver products and services faster, better and more cost-efficiently without compromising on quality. Any business growth however comes with increased operational costs. It is therefore critical that a business’s truly wanting to see sustainable growth in profitability, market share, and success, place emphasis and a focused eye on their business processes, efficiencies, and their use of technology. This can play a critical role in a business’s success or failure.  Remaining relevant with technology in today’s age will be a company’s competitive advantage.  

Our Business Process assessments have revealed that many work environments are still fraught with redundant processes that are inefficient and that waste time, resources, and money to fulfill. Most staff never challenge the current processes in their line of business, which can cost the company dearly.  This however can be changed by driving a culture of continuous improvement in the workplace, where staff is encouraged to bring innovative and fresh ideas to the table that will result in improved processes and efficiencies. All Businesses should aim to simplify their daily and monotonous tasks by refining, digitising, and automating processes so that their businesses can remain relevant, competitive, and profitable.  

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The Green Office Story and Beyond 2020

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As with most companies this year, Green Office is under immense pressure to drive cost reductions while generating sales to ensure that we are sustainable and will be around next year! Luckily for us, our purpose is to make business more efficient and sustainable, and that is exactly what we’ve been doing for our own business and are planning on doing this year and beyond.

Green Office has been in operation since 1997, starting out in a garage with only three people. We are now a fully fledged Managed Service Business focusing on driving efficiencies and sustainability initiatives to ensure that our clients don’t have physical, financial and operational waste.

Green Office will be focusing on delivering services within the following four towers:


  1. Managed Print Services looking at all aspects of a print environment.
  2. Digitalisation Consulting, Services & Technology
  3. Cyber Security, focusing on identifying and managing vulnerabilities
  4. Sustainability Consulting, through assessments and training, amongst other items.

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The Importance of Digitization Software in the Banking Industry

By Device Management Software, Digitalisation, Efficient, Green Office, Innovation, Office Solutions, Print Management Software

Written by Chasthi Grant in collaboration with Riaan van Rensburg

Hello again and green greetings!

 Let’s recap from our previous blog post, Digitization in the Banking Industry…

  • Green Office’s approach understands the digitisation end-goal, driving print to zero, entrenching and guiding the business towards a paperless utopia.
  • Green Office has conducted varying sets of decompositions within the banking industry.
  • Green Office will identify, assess, conduct user interviews, present the findings and advise the most sustainable solutions.


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Digitization in the Banking Industry

By Digitalisation, Efficient, Green Office, Innovation, Office Solutions

Hello Again and Green Greetings!

In our last blog engagement, we explored the “Typical challenges experienced in the Banking industry”.  We touched briefly on digital banking trends and the way forward for the banking industry following the challenges experienced from a Green Office perspective.

Digitization is the new buzz word within the FinTech industry with automation, efficiency and customer experience as the main drivers.  Within the banking industry the partnership between strategy and technology create a perfect platform for digitization.  The majority of customers are techno savvy and demand more streamlined processes from their banking service provider.  Their time is valuable, and they challenge the banking industry to move towards digital platforms or face the risk of losing their business to more progressive banking service providers.

Green Office Digital Banking

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