How Digital Transformation for Your Business Lessens the Impact from Recent Events in South Africa

By 28th Jul 2021Jul 30th, 2021Digitalisation

How resilient are we as South Africans!  

Green Office realise that digital transformation is critical to business success. Just consider everything that businesses have been faced with within the past 24 months in a South African context.  

First came the Covid-19 pandemic which has thrust all businesses into a hard lockdown that severely impacted our ability to trade, operate, and generate revenue. Then came POPIA, the Protection of Personal Information Act, which has indirectly made managing physical data impossible. Then there was the most recent incident of the civil unrest that predominantly took place in KZN and Gauteng which again left many businesses unable to operate due to staff not being able to go to site. 

At Green Office, we strongly believe that digital transformation will assist in lessening the impact of such events on your business if pursued correctly and that it will give you great returns. 

We have therefore focussed a lot of energy on developing our digital and software solution offering to ensure we are equipped to help our clients and the market implement digital migration tools that will add exponential value.  

All our solutions and tools can help our clients with their key business requirements, such as: 

  • POPIA compliance. 
  • Digital transformation.  
  • Seamless system integrations. 
  • Mobile workforces. 
  • Covid testing.  

Our services and solutions can be listed as follows: 

  • Consulting services 
  • Popia Risk assessment. 
  • Cyber-security assessments. 
  • Business process analytics. 
  • Project management.  
  • Digital readiness assessment. 

Digital transformation solutions: 

  • Digital repositories. 
  • Workflow tools. 
  • Process robotics. 
  • OCR tools. 
  • Digital Training management platforms. 
  • Digital signatures. 
  • Digital forms. 
  • Mobile phone applications.  
  • Asset management. 
  • IoT Technology.   

Bespoke development 

  • Software integrations. 
  • Software development. 

All our digital services and software offering have been created to deliver maximum value to our clients and therefore they will ensure our clients that they can operate efficiently, maximise profitability, increase their competitive advantage and remain relevant in this digital age.  

If you would like to learn more about these services and how they can add value to your business, please fill in the contact form below:

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