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How to Make Your Office a More Uplifting Environment for All

By 1st Jul 2022Jul 11th, 2022Green Office, Managed Print, Uncategorised

Your employees spend a significant amount of time, so why not make it a welcoming environment that fosters productivity and reduces stress? Green Office suggests four things you can do to make your office a much more pleasant place in which to be and work.

How to make your office more uplifting4 Tips to Improve the Atmosphere of Your Office

Improving your workspace does not necessarily have to be expensive or difficult. These four simple suggestions will help you improve the environment in which your staff spend their days.

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1. Make Your Collective Workspace as Comfortable As Possible

There is an archaic belief that the main motivator of good work is Spartan discipline, but this is not the case for most people. A positive, vibrant, comfortable workspace will do wonders for office morale and productivity. To start with, choose your furniture carefully. Choose strong, durable pieces that withstand wear and tear while enabling your staff to sit comfortably. Always ensure that your furniture complies with health and safety regulations and best practices.

2. Make Good Use of Light and Colour

Selecting the right colour scheme can make a huge difference to your office’s atmosphere. Colours evoke emotional reactions, so they should be used wisely in the office environment. For example, blue and green tend to make us calmer and enhance focus and productivity. Yellow can help make us more creative, while red is perfect for spaces where speed and perhaps vigorous physical activity are needed. Think carefully about what kind of space your office needs to be and then choose your colours accordingly. At the same time, you should also ensure an optimal level of lighting. Gloom and shadows are not good motivators, and a shortage of light can bring really have a negative impact on mood and motivation. Incorporate energy-efficient, human-centric LED lighting design into your office space.

3. Don’t Forget a Bit of Greenery

Introducing a plant or two into your office layout does wonders for the atmosphere. Not only do they enhance the décor, but they also help cleanse the air. The presence of plants affects humans on a deep psychological level. They are known to reduce stress levels and boost productivity. Go for potted plants that are easy to care for and maintain.

4. Go Digital and Reduce Paper Usage

Paper and other office supplies lead to waste and clutter, neither of which make for healthy, productive workspaces. Messy desks and overflowing storage facilities can reduce productivity drastically. People spend more time searching for documents, and the clutter and untidiness promotes a sense of disorder and decreases motivation. You can eliminate these pitfalls by going digital. If your business requires the use of paper, you can create systems that reduces costs and waste with professional managed print services (MPS).

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Make your business more sustainable and cost-effective with Green Office

Let Green Office help you implement the changes needed to make your working environment more pleasant,secure, eco-friendly and future-proof. Contact us for more information about our services.

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