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The Change-driven Background of Green ABLE

By 20th Oct 2022Oct 25th, 2022Eco-Friendly, Green ABLE, Green Office

Launched in 2012, Green ABLE is a non-profit company launched by Green Office. It is dedicated to the reduction of e-waste, while also creating jobs in the South African economy. We go into more detail about this innovative mission to help you get a clearer understanding.

Green Office discuss The change-driven background of Green ABLEThe Green ABLE Mission

Green ABLE has three core functions which, collectively, serve to boost the recycling of e-waste and help create a more sustainable economy. Its three core functions are:

  • Reduction Of Environmental Impact: Waste is diverted from landfills, making a meaningful contribution to saving our environment. E-waste is collected and dismantled, and the components are then recycled.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: In addition to helping the environment, Green ABLE is also aimed at educating and empowering previously disadvantaged, unemployed and disable individuals, providing them with viable skills. This is done within a unique, sustainable incubation business.
  • Create Waste Circularity: We help other companies to create circularity in their waste streams. We work alongside out clients to design and develop finished products that will have commercial value. One instance of this is our ‘EEZIGO – Designed for mobility’ laptop stand, made from the plastic waste that comes from spent printer cartridges.

Read our blog for more information and tips on uplifting green office practices.

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Green ABLE’s Services

In line with our primary project goals and functions, we provide the following services:

  • Collection of e-waste: We collect items such as printers, cartridges, phones, laptops, PCs and more from companies across South Africa. We then dismantle them and separate their recyclable components. We then sell these to recycling operations.
  • Bee Benefits: We provide a means for companies to contribute to BEE and engage in meaningful corporate social responsibility projects. Companies have the opportunity to sponsor learners at Green ABLE, creating employment, supporting skills development and promoting workplace experience.
  • Creating Circularity: We help companies to close the loop with their e-waste. We can assist in manufacturing products from waste, thereby creating circularity within a business.

Make Your Business More Sustainable and Cost-Effective with the help of Green Office and Green ABLE

Let Green Office help you implement the changes needed to make your working environment more pleasant and secure, eco-friendly and future proof. Contact us for more information about our digitalisation services, as well as more details on Green ABLE. We can take your business through the digital transition smoothly and conveniently.

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