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One Planet Living – Sustainable Water

By 14th August 2019Uncategorised

South Africa is considered to be a water scarce country.  In fact, we are ranked as the 30th driest country in the world, receiving an average of 450 mm rainfall per year compared to the global annual average of 870 mm.  Increasing population growth and climate change is sure to exacerbate this, as we have already witnessed with the severe droughts experienced in Cape Town in 2017/2018 where “day zero” was terrifyingly close to becoming a reality. One_Planet_Living_water

This brings us to the next One Planet Living principle – sustainable water, which requires us to use water efficiently, protect local water resources and reduce the risk of flooding and droughts. 

The One Planet Goals for sustainable water include:

  • For everyone to have access to clean drinking water.
  • To use water efficiently and return it pollutant-free to the environment.
  • To contribute to sustainable water management and flood risk mitigation in the surrounding area.

The onus is on us, in our personal capacities and in our workplace, to use water as efficiently as possible, and to ensure that if water is returned back to the environment, that it is of a good quality.  There are small changes we can make at home and at the office to ensure that water is used sustainably, with the added benefit of a reduced water bill at the end of the month. 


As with most things in life, education is key.  Water consumption is essentially a behavior issue, thus providing information, education and encouraging behavior change within the household and workplace is vital to create a culture of sustainable living. 

Speak to our Sustainability Consultant to find out how we can make your company more efficient and sustainable.

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