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Research has shown that implementing software tools to manage printing can reduce paper usage by up to 20%. The most effective print management software tools can be broken down in the following functions:

Device Management SoftwareApplications that facilitate proactive monitoring of devices within the print fleet (i.e. toner low alerts, maintenance required, page counts, etc.)

Print Management Software Applications that facilitate the management of users by means of rules-based printing, such as default mono / double-sided printing. This will also facilitate a follow-me solution, where a user can authenticate at any device on any site.


So, your company has decided to purchase print accounting software for various reasons, such as:

  • To track what users are printing
  • To enable secure release with a Find-Me solution
  • Or you want to be able to bill back to a user or a department

Be aware that it is not just install and off you go.  There are important factors that you need to have in place to make sure it fulfills all your needs and is as accurate as possible.

When it comes to accuracy, it is vitally important to make sure the following is in place.

Accurate recordings from print accounting software depend on the following:

  1. Reports need to be verified often to ensure that all devices are recording print jobs accurately.
  2. What if you do not have a mix of networked and local connected devices? Your network devices must have the print fleet embedded software loaded on them and the local connected devices must have a desktop agent loaded that will report back to your user accounting software, which is loaded on the server.  ALL devices need to be monitored to make it a success.
  3. Accurate Active Directory – Your Print Accounting software is dependent on your active directory being maintained and up to date.

Now that I have made you aware of what it takes to get your Print Accounting Software up and going, in later discussions we will look at more specific details on how you verify the accuracy of your Print Accounting Software.

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