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We live in the age of technology, with that said, ask many companies what they spend on their print environment and you will be surprised by how few companies really know. To make matters worse, we have found that many companies do not know how many devices they have and the location of those devices.  This creates a major risk within the business as it leads to costs being unmanaged. Just to clear up any confusion, when I say “Print Environment”, I am referring to all printer and copiers that a company is making use of.


Let’s discuss what is an UNMANAGED environment:

  • Printers and copiers are purchased as and when a user sees the need
  • IT will purchase device as well as install and support
  • Procurement or Finance will supply consumables when requested by user
  • No software tool is used to track device

This is generally how companies “manage” their Print Environment.

Proper Management of Printing Environments is easier than most companies think.  The fear within the departments is – mainly being IT, Procurement or Finance – are we creating more work for ourselves?  By making use of simple procedures and laying good ground work, most companies can achieve a true MANAGED PRINT ENVIRONMENT

Let’s discuss a few of the simple ways you could do this:

  1. Make use of a print server, this will be the best investment you will make into your business.
  2. Take a few minutes extra to configure your print drivers and queues properly.
  3. If budget allows, invest in Tracking and Monitoring Software.
  4. Before spending on new devices, ask yourself, is that device needed? Is there currently an available device for that user to print to?
  5. Try and make use of networked devices, stay away from USB devices no matter how convenient they might seem at the time.

These steps are great places to start your Managed Print Environments journey. If done correctly, you will see the savings. In later discussions, we can dive deeper into how we can make use of Tracking and Monitoring Software to achieve greater savings.

Need assistance in managing your print environment? Have one of our Consultants contact you to assist with any questions you might have about MPS.

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