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Our 7 best practices to reduce printing aims to help and guide individuals and businesses on their journey to drive down paper usage, print volumes and all related costs.  Printing environments and solutions differ from company to company. This article does not take into account all possibilities but will act as a guideline which, if followed, will guarantee success.

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The 7 Practices to Reduce Printing and the Costs Related to Printing are:

  1. Set Clear Measurable Goals – Having no goals means having nothing to measure successes against, so set clear measurable goals that you want to achieve.  Setting a target number or percentage to reduce paper consumption by is a good place to start. 
  2. Decide on Parameters – Decide on parameters that you would like to target.  Do you want to increase duplex or do you want to eliminate colour printing?  Whatever you decide, make sure you can track and measure your parameters.
  3. Set a Baseline to Measure Your Achievements – It is very important that you understand your “before” and “after” numbers, otherwise it will be difficult to track your success, so make sure you carry out a detailed assessment of your current situation before trying to make changes.
  4. Decide on Software Platforms – Identify suitable software platforms that will help you achieve your goals and that will allow you to track and measure your parameters.  Make sure your software choice allows you to implement rules and policies to govern user print behaviour.
  5. Start Implementing Changes to Reduce Print Volumes – Your software platform will really come into play now.  Start setting those rules and policies across your users and devices to drive the changes based on your set parameters.
  6. Measure and Track Performance – Regularly pull and analyse the reports from your software platforms to see where you’re achieving your goals and where things are not going as well as you hoped and then act based on what you learn.  If you can track it, you can change it.
  7. Make Someone Accountable – Make specific stakeholders accountable and responsible for achieving your defined goals.  It does not matter whether it is an internal staff allocation or a specialist outsource company appointment, just as long as you make specific people responsible for achieving that target.

We hope you enjoyed this short article and that you find it useful on your journey to reduce your printing.  

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