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Like anything, print devices have a life span and depreciates over time.  The performance consequently gets worse as the device ages.  It is therefore important to address the situation promptly so that you are not relying on a machine that offers sub-optimal performance. printer-woes.png

Print devices are continuing to innovate themselves to keep up with the technological demands that organisations require.  Although the printer might not be that old, new features can be beneficial to increase efficiencies whilst reducing costs.

Here are the most common warning signs that it is time to upgrade your printer or copier:

  1. Growth within your organisation:
    When you start adding more employees to your organisation, it means that your print volumes would increase as well.  This translates to an increase in device wear and tear.  It is important to place a device that can handle the print volumes going through it.
    Your monthly print volumes should stay within the device’s specified Recommended Monthly Print Volume (RMPV), to avoid over utilisation and downtime.
  1. Poor print quality:
    One of the most obvious signs that it is time to upgrade your device, is poor print quality. With the continuous upgrades in print technology, the print quality is improving too.
    If your organisation is printing presentations on an older model for example, it could wear out the mechanisms that prevent down time and paper jams.  If you have noticed that your device “lags” more than it used to, it might be time to upgrade your printer or copier.
  1. Reduction in Print Speed:
    Upgrading software programmes within your organisation can cause technological “glitches” because the old device model may not be compatible with newer programmes and features.
    When your documents or programmes spool more slowly on the old device model, a newer model will optimise the needs of your workflow and will increase the speed of your print jobs.
  1. Inflated ‘Cost per Copy’ (CPC) rate:
    Older device models are discontinued as soon as a newer model is released.  This means that parts / spares become an issue, with the vendor saying that the device has become “uneconomical to repair”.
    As devices innovate with the technological advancements, they offer lower running costs. Newer device models will allow your organisation to save on the cost per copy of your print jobs and will allow for more efficient workflows.
  1. Frequent maintenance required:
    If you have a technician on site for repairs every week, it is time to consider replacing that old machine.
    It is recommended not to run your device for longer than five years, since most devices reach their life span during that time.  Sourcing of spares also become a challenge, which will lead to extended periods of downtime.
    It doesn’t matter how big or small an organisation is, or how many devices it has, upgrading your printers or copiers can increase productivity.  New features on print devices are fast becoming must-haves to improve the end-use experience.

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