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Green Office’s purpose is to make business more efficient and sustainable with the implementation of our Managed Print Service Solution.

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This model is based on a very transparent approach and is aligned with clearly defined objectives of our clients.

  • We gain control through a detailed assessment which we conduct.
  • We provide cost containment or cost avoidance based on a clearly defined road map.
  • We provide data driven change management solutions based on your adopted print strategy.

Our approach and methodology is based on 13 years of development.

Having read a article in the Business Report International – “Overall decline in SA print market” there is a decrease in the A3 print portfolio, South Africa being the largest at 16% year-on-year.

This is happening and I can assure you, that it can happen a lot faster if you have a clearly defined Managed Print Service strategy in place.  It is very pleasing to read that “customers were looking to Managed Print Solutions (MPS) as they consolidated the number of smaller printers into larger more cost-effective solutions”.    This is very much a component of Managed Print Service and it is great that customers are showing more interest in adopting a MPS solution.  If a customer adopts an MPS solution, they should be looking further than just “reducing smaller printers into lager more cost effective solutions” to affect cost reductions within their business and really should be asking, “How can I reduce the number of pages I print in my organisation?”.

Managed Print Service has many definitions and complexities.   If you don’t have a plan or a goal of what you would like to achieve from a Managed Print Service, then it is possibly not for you.  Print within an organisation is most often the bottom of the food chain when it comes to actually managing its well being.   It just does not get the attention it requires.

I was sitting in a meeting with a potential client (now a client), going through the importance of having a strategy and/or plan for your print environment and he stated, I have a KPI which I have to meet, which is to reduce my print within our organisation by 80% by 2020.  The problem is that I don’t even know my current volumes, therefore I need a print assessment so that we have a starting point.  This client at least he had a goal or target in mind.  

My view on print reduction in the South African market as the article suggests, is certainly due to more companies adopting MPS solutions.   I would also agree that the comment made about “consumer worlds blending into millennial expectation” has an impact.  The millennials are a lot less inclined to print, as they are wired to do everything digitally, so this will naturally have a massive  impact on print reductions as they infiltrate the working world.  

So, the answer is yes, print is being reduced, and this is why you need a print assessment for MPS to understand at what level you can deploy a Managed Print Service in your organisation to measure of how quickly this will happen.  

If cost reduction and a more efficient print environment interests you, please download our 5 step process document by clicking on the below tab.  Contact Us