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When it comes to cost reductions in any business, budget cuts are the first task item that management enforces.  Printing makes up a big portion of any IT budget, so when a new printer/copier must be purchased, the pressure is on to find both quality and best price.

One of the best ways to do this is to first define the exact requirements and then compare pricing options based on the total cost per page (TCO). In most cases, this sounds easier said than done.

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TOP TIP:  Requirements are determined by the business, not the users.

A business will never be able to cater for everyone’s needs.  Determine the key requirements to keep the business operational by asking the following questions:

  1. Do you require a printer or a copier?
    Printer:  It’s in the name.  These devices can only print.  Copiers, often referred to as MFP’s or MFD’s (Multi-Function Printers / Devices), can print/copy/scan and sometimes fax. Printer purchases come at a lower cost than Copier purchases.
  1. Do you really require Fax?
    When purchasing a copier, fax functions can increase your purchase price by up to R 10 000.
  1. How many pages do you actually print in A3?
    In most cases, companies only print 1% or less of their total A3 capacity in a month. Considering A4 devices rather than A3 devices can reduce the purchase price of the copier or printer.
  2. Is Colour printing a must-have or a nice-to-have?
    Analysing why colour printing is required is key to making the right decision when purchasing a printer or copier.  If the expected colour print volumes are less than 2, 000 pages per month, investigate reasons why this is required.
  1. What is the overall expected volume that will be printed?
    This is the most important consideration in the copier / printer purchasing process.  If you expect a volume of 15, 000 pages per month, look at a machine that has an RMPV (Recommended Monthly Print Volume) of 20, 000 pages.  Ideally, the utilisation on the device should be within a 75% range of the capacity of the device.

This is a checklist that works time and time again to guide the decision-making process. By implementing this way of thinking it could go a long way in making an informed decision when purchasing printers and copiers.

To understand what the minimal requirements are when it comes to providing you with the most suitable solution for your printing needs, complete the Device Ordering Procedure form by clicking on the tab below.

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