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Written by James Tooley in collaboration with Zandalee Naude (Smarketing Leader)

Everyone knows pushing print is easy, many people don’t know that controlling and managing it is also easy and has many benefits!  Controlling cost and reducing waste are key objectives of any print strategy and there is a simple, effective way of achieving them.

Print Management Software

We recently asked South African schools to participate in a survey gathering general information as to how they are fairing in their printing environment and have at a glance found the following results thus far:

Print Management SoftwarePrint Management Software

Having no control of a print environment as a result of having no visibility is a problem many schools are facing. If you can’t see it, you can’t measure it and therefore you can’t manage it, this is how mps can benefit schools.

Print Management Software

The Solution is:

Print Management Software deployed at centralized devices around the school. When a staff member or student pushes print, they can walk to any device closest to them, whether  in the class, close to the staff room, or in the library.  Once at the printer they can release the print job with a secure pin code or card and the print job is recorded against their user name/department or subject.

The Benefits are:

  • Reduced number of printers Find-Me software allows centralized printing across all departments.
  • Secure printing – sensitive jobs will not sit uncollected on the printer. Jobs only print when released by the user.
  • Visibility of staff/student printing Detailed tracking and reporting ensures control and better budgeting.
  • Technology advancement Print from any Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or mobile device.
  • Colour & Duplex print management Print policies can be implemented to control colour printing as well as double sided printing.
  • Control student printing charge per page whilst having quotas.
  • Reduced wastage Find-Me requires authentication for print jobs to be released, eliminating boxes of waste paper next to the printers.
  • Visibility of document processes Facilitates the opportunity to digitize paper intensive processes.

Have a look at this quick video about how software can help your school.

Printing needs to be made available as it is an essential part of the school day. Why not then make it easier for all school users to print from any device from anywhere, whilst allowing the ability to promote good print habits, manage print costs, provide reporting and reduce waste! Print Management Software is very popular in the education sector and is adding great value to schools!

Savings on the deployment of a print management software solution resulted in a saving of 26% per month!  Download the Case Study to see how this saving was achieved.

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