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Every year, tons of paper is used in workplaces all over the world, in both large and small offices. Many of these offices have actively taken up recycling, but even though it is an inexpensive and environmentally conscious option, a much more cost-effective strategy is to reduce daily paper consumption. 


Here are some of the ways your business can go about reducing paper usage and cutting down on office printing costs, as well as reducing the environmental costs of office printing:

1. Reuse Unwanted Paper
Every day large quantities of scrap paper is left behind after office printing, and most of this ends up in the waste bin. However, instead of throwing it away, this paper can be used for a variety of cost saving purposes instead. This includes shredding the paper and using it for packing shipments, or reusing it for printing unimportant documents.

2. Print on Both Sides (Duplex Printing)
Most people only use one side of a piece of paper, especially when it comes to printing. However, by using both sides, especially when printing, you can reduce paper consumption by half.

3. Avoid Printing in Colour
Printing in colour is more popular than printing in black and white, but it also uses more ink. To save on costs, only use colour printing for client-facing documents, and print internal work process documents in mono (black and white). This avoids a significant amount of wastage.

4. Controlling Print Access
In an office with many employees, it is sometimes difficult to track who actually uses the printer for official work. To solve this problem, an organisation can deploy several software platforms to track usage and prevent non-productive office printing. By implementing this kind of tracking, you will also be able to save huge volumes of paper and ink.

5. Go Digital
Today, almost everything has been digitised, so it makes sense to implement this across the board in your business, especially when it comes to sharing information. For example, instead of printing out documents for informational purposes, employees can read PDF versions of this information online instead. To be even more efficient and reduce printing costs further, all work processes should be documented and saved on the cloud from the start, which takes away the need for hard copies. An advantage of this is that all company information is more easily accessible too. 

When it comes to saving paper and creating an optimised print environments, many organisations have taken action and have implemented print and paper consumption reduction solutions, in line with the points above. This has motivated many other organisation to do the same- a green printing solution that will no doubt be beneficial for everyone involved. 

Green Office is a leader in managed print services (MPS) and an award company specialising in office automation and print reduction solutions. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we use our managed print services to reduce paper usage and related costs.

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