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Did you know that more than 80% of all inkjet and laser toner cartridges used in South Africa are thrown away when empty?  This means that more than 12 million cartridges end up in landfills each year, taking up to a thousand years for each to decompose.  


Printer cartridge recycling has many advantages, here are just a few:

  • Printer cartridges can be re-used up to 2 times
  • It saves natural resources to create new printer cartridges
  • It saves energy used in creating new printer cartridges as well as disposal or incineration of old printer cartridges
  • Recycling reduces your Carbon Footprint and makes good business sense

Green Office offers a cartridge recycling and remanufacturing programme that enables us to re-use and recycle empty printer cartridges, thus reducing environmental impacts and offering a sustainable product to our customers.

  • Recycling
    Cartridges are collected and then disassembled into the different components that make up the cartridge – mainly plastics and metals.  These recyclable materials are then sold to recyclers and manufacturers.  Proceeds help support our award-winning Green ABLE recycling initiative.
  • Remanufacture
    Cartridges are collected and sorted into their various types and according to quality. Cartridges deemed suitable for remanufacture are disassembled and reassembled using new components and fully tested going through the same rigorous quality assurance standards as that of an original equipment manufacturer. Cartridges are recycled and remanufactured in South Africa – making this a truly South African story. 

To find out how you can become part of this initiative and in turn reduce your Carbon Footprint, please request a call form Green Office.

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