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Green Print was introduced to NDD through a partnership with the American company LMI, due to the high demand for brand diagnostic printer monitoring and print management software.

Software known as nddPrint MPS (Printer monitoring software) and nddPrint 360 (Print management software) was subsequently tested and established as a unique product in the current market due to its cloud based architecture and integration into various ERP applications. nddPrint MPS is not only outstanding in monitoring Network printers, but also has the capabilities of USB printers, which give the solution an advantage in comparison to other MPS software in the market.  nddPrint 360 has the capabilities of Job Accounting, Print Rules, Secure Print, Release and Mobility .

nddPrint 360 can be setup without a print server and provide print tracking and policy control

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NDD and Green Print: A Shared Vision
NDD’s vision goes beyond leading markets.  It means developing the most complete solutions and giving customers the assurance that they will grow, based on innovation, optimisation and automation, but above all, it’s about trust.

Expanding business is a big challenge for NDD, and by developing new markets the company acknowledges their responsibility and commitment to ensuring the success of their customers.

With a shared vision of efficiency and sustainability, Green Print has been signed as the sole distributor for nddPrint with Green Office being the first reseller.  The shared vision aligns with Green Office, who is an independent provider of printing solutions that helps individuals and businesses reduce physical, financial and operational waste, by managing all aspects of a business’s printing environment (from consumable supplies and software deployment to paper usage reduction).

NDD Representative Visits South Africa
Maurício Passos, Support Analyst at NDD, recently spent three weeks in South Africa to deliver training sessions and informative presentations with the technical and commercial teams of Green Office.  These events were held at Green Office’s National Offices, in Durban (Headquarters), Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

For Maurício, the experience was positive.  “They really liked our solutions in relation to what is offered by competitors, and were excited to start selling nddPrint”, he says.  He also added that Green Office is confident in NDD’s capabilities, both in the product itself and in the partnership signed.

GreenOffice NDD

A Partnership Set for Success
The challenges for NDD are similar to those found in Europe and the United States, however, the business has a high prospect for success, as Green Office has a large number of customers not only in South Africa, but in other African countries too.

Feel free to request we get in touch with you so Green Office, a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider can assist with all printing issues and provide helpful strategies on how to reduce your printing costs.

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