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6 Innovative and Impressive Ways to Save Energy

By 1st Jan 2022Jan 24th, 2022Uncategorised

If you are looking for ways to make your life and business more environmentally friendly, you will find that there are plenty of actions you can take, ranging from the drastic to the minor. Green Office offers six simple and innovative ways to reduce your energy costs.Green Office discuss 6-ways-to-save-energy

6 Leading Energy-Saving Tips

Whether as a business owner or as a homeowner, there are many ways to create impressive energy savings. Here are six tips you can use to make your office or home more energy-efficient this year.

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1. Reduce Your AC Use

Air conditioning is regarded as essential for many people and organisations around the country, particularly on the humid east coast. If you feel you can’t afford to cut out AC entirely, that is understandable, but you can still reduce your use of it and bring about some great savings. It isn’t necessary to keep the AC running for most of the day and turn the building into a fridge. Everyone can keep cool by dressing in a way that better suits the season and keeping ceiling fans running instead. Rather than keeping the AC on for hours at a time, keep it on for limited periods and then switch it off. Only switch it on when it is really merited, like if the temperature rises above 27 degrees, for example. Cutting back on AC use can reduce your monthly energy costs by as much as 10%.

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2. Change To LED Light Bulbs

If you haven’t already done so, make a point of replacing your current light bulbs with LED alternatives as quickly as possible, You can replace them as they wear out, or make a point of going through the entire building and replacing all light bulbs at once. LED bulbs are much more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

3. Opt For Reusable Packaging And Accessories

Disposable plastic packaging is extremely wasteful and plays havoc with the environment. There is a slew of reusable alternatives available now, from silicon packaging to stainless steel cups and straws. Revamp your kitchen and office by replacing all disposable items with reusable ones wherever you can.

4. Insulate Your Premises

Another way to regulate the temperature of your building while also keeping your energy costs low is to invest in insulation. Insulating your ceiling can save a surprising amount of energy and help you keep your home or office warm or cool (depending on the demands of the season) without having to use your heating or AC too much.

5. Plant Trees in Strategic Areas

Planting trees in the right spots around your building can help you regulate the temperature and reduce your heating/ cooling bills. A tree planted on the south or west side of the premises can shade the building and lower the air temperature, reducing the need to use your air conditioner. Then, when they lose their leaves in winter, they allow sunlight through.

6. Switch To Solar

If your roof gets plenty of sunlight, installing solar panels can lead to major energy savings. The initial outlay is not cheap, but the panels will pay for themselves through progressive savings over time. You can reduce your bills and carbon footprint considerably in this way.

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