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How to Have a Green Holiday Season

The holiday period is a time for generosity and enjoyment. Unfortunately, excess is often an unavoidable side effect of the festivities. Offices and homes tend to generate a lot of extra waste over Christmas and New Year, as everyone relaxes, more parties are thrown, and more food and drink are consumed. Green Office offers a few tips to help you reduce waste and make your holidays greener.

how to have a green holiday season office partyGreen Holiday Tops for Office and Home

There is nothing wrong with letting loose and celebrating, but it is possible to do so without creating unnecessary waste. Here are some things you can do to go green without interfering with the festivities. Read our blog for more information and tips on green office practices.

5 Green Holiday Tips

To reduce your festive footprint this holiday season, try the following these simple tips:

1. Throw A Green Office Party

If you are planning to have a little office bash before people go on leave, implement some sensible practices regarding catering, preparations and waste. Try to buy just the right amount of food so that nothing goes to waste. If you don’t already separate your waste at source, introduce different bins for different types of waste: cans, glass, paper and plastic, and insist that all staff members deposit their waste in the appropriate receptacles. If your municipal waste management services do not pick up waste for recycling, find a recycling facility nearby where you can take your office waste.

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2. Reduce Food Waste

During this season, we eat more and w waste more. While there is nothing wrong with a little indulgence, it is preferable to make sure that all food does actually get eaten. If you are catering at the office, supply only as much food as will be needed. If there are leftovers, make sure that everyone takes some food home, or donate what’s left to a local shelter.

3. Take the Opportunity to Reduce Energy Consumption

We all know how much energy businesses tend to consume. This year-end might be the perfect time to implement some green solutions: LED lighting, timers and more.

4. Choose Green Holiday Decorations

When getting your reception area ready for the holiday season, choose LED lights that use very little energy and consider decoration options made from recycled materials – or even homemade ones.

5. Encourage Mindful Gift Giving

Whether you are giving any staff corporate gifts this year, or just hosting ‘Secret Santa’ at the office party, encourage everyone to think carefully about the gifts they give. Rather than those cheap knickknacks that often get thrown away, think about gifts that people can enjoy with minimal waste. Food items are always a good choice – especially if they are organic. Use recycled paper and other materials in your gift wrapping.

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