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4 Eco-friendly Office Must Haves

By 16th Aug 2021Aug 24th, 2021Uncategorised

Green Office is always looking for new ways and new gadgets to make offices more eco-friendly. We have hunted for some of the best items to help your office reduce its carbon footprint. These eco-friendly gadgets and items will not only help you go green, but also save you money in the long term.

Meeting in officeEco-friendly Office Items

Keep reading to learn some of the best items to invest in when going green. For more tips on building a sustainable office, visit our blog.

1. Eco Buttons

These little buttons save big amounts of energy and should be a fixture in all office spaces. This small button has been around for years. It is a small button that attaches to your desktop. Push the button when you step away from your desk and save more energy than you realize. No one turns off their whole computer system when they pop across the road to the shops, which is why so much energy is wasted. Simply push a button when you leave your desk and save energy without any extra effort.

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2. Switch to Eco-friendly Office Supplies

So much waste is a result of office supplies. Avoid stocking up on plastic pens that will get thrown away when finished. Rather switch to biodegradable pens that are made from recycled items. You can also switch to recyclable notebooks that are made from recycled paper, or even eliminate paper completely by investing in paperless notebooks that is erasable and can be reused- this will save you money in the long term.

3. Invest In Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are a great investment if you are trying to save energy in your office and will save you money long term. These plugs can be programmed to switch off devices at a certain time, so no one can forget to turn off fans, computers, and lights at home time. Should your usual office routine change, you can turn off these devices from your cellphone.

4. Manage Your Printing

The Green Office Managed Print Services involves assessing your current document environment in your office before introducing more environmentally friendly solutions. Productively and profitably manage your office document output by investing in this service today. You can learn more here.

Make Your Office Eco-friendly with Green Office Today

Not only do Green Office offer managed print services, but also a variety of assessments to identify where your business can reduce its carbon footprint. For more information on what we do and the services we offer, visit our website or contact us today.

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