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Why you should love your Company Culture

The current state of our nation and the world would suggest that the moral compass has gone a little haywire.  Almost every bit of news we read is filled with corruption, violence, greed, power and generally negative stuff.

I ask myself, what is going wrong with us?  Why can’t we get along?  Why are people stealing?  Why are we fighting one another?  Why, why, why? Have we lost the plot?  What has gone wrong?

I certainly don’t have the answers, but what I see is lack of leadership, people want more and they will do almost anything to get it in as little time as possible, we have become more and more self-centred and through this, our value systems are compromised. 

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Have we lost what it means to belong to a community or family and all the values that align with belonging? Our value systems are our guiding principles.  They are the things we stand for and believe in.

Of late I see a lot less strong family bonds, local clubs and country clubs struggle to survive, sports teams are all about being the best and if you are not the best, why are you playing?  It is often about what is in it for “me” and not about what “I” can do to contribute.

Maybe we need to look at what we belong to and take a little more care with that community of which we are a part of.  You may belong to a community of sorts, it may be a family, a work team, a sports team, a club, a school, a church or even a group of people that you meet with for a breakfast once a week.

Most of these communities will have a set of values or beliefs that attracted you in the first place and these values and principles are there for you to keep your community together and strengthen the bond which put you together in the first place.

I would suggest that these communities will often fail where people in the community break these values or beliefs. 

An example of a community that I belong to is Green Office, my work community.  We have designed a Culture Code by which we live and try to get everyone who belongs to our community to do the same.  As part of our Company Culture and Culture Code, we have a set of values which have been developed by our team over our 20 years of existence.   

Let me share these Green Office values with you and please feel free to download our Culture Code and test us to see if we are living by what we say we are.

We are driven by our absolute belief that the products and services we offer is best in its field.

We take ownership of what we offer our clients and always deliver solutions that are appropriate, environmentally minded and relevant.

We constantly look for better, more sustainable ways to do things, whether for our clients or our own internal processes.

We are open and honest in everything we do.  

At Green Office, our Culture Code is important to us and we would like to share it with you. Click Here or on the below tab to view our culture code.Contact Us