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Greetings Eco Champions!

If you have been following Green Office’s blog, you will know that we are on an exciting One Planet Living journey! Green Office has always had sustainability front of mind in everything that we do. From recycling, to reducing water and electricity consumption, as well as ensuring that our customers are efficient and sustainable. However, it is all too easy for sustainability to become a box checking exercise, particularly when it comes to ensuring legal compliance – the heart of it is forgotten, the “why” is forgotten.


As a reminder, One Planet Living is a concept introduced by Bioregional which allows people to live happy and healthy lives, but importantly within the means of our planet. It does this by providing ten easy to follow principles which can be lived out at home, in schools, at the office, everywhere. The principles can also be linked to the all-important global Sustainable Development Goals.

When one thinks of sustainability, hopefully the environment and definitely finances come to mind. But what about the people that make up your business? Are they happy and healthy and how would you measure this? How are you ensuring that you keep your staff mentally and physically well? This is where One Planet Living can help.


Green Office is proud to be a part of Bioregional’s One Planet Cities Project, which aims to bring four cities across the world to create sustainability plans, helping them to shift towards a greener, more sustainable future. The project has created an international network of knowledge-sharing, designed to accelerate change towards achieving One Planet Living. Have a look at some of the other Durban-based organisations that are participating in this inspiring project here – https://youtu.be/AwOE8cgFhTg.

It has been a little over a year since we published our One Planet Living Action Plan on the oneplanet.com portal, and we are currently in the process of updating it to align with our 2020/2021 sustainability targets.

It will be interesting to see how much of an impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on our business’s carbon footprint, with a significant reduction anticipated from reduced business travel and utilities due to most staff members working from home. Conversely, the lack of physical connection with our staff has made it more challenging to meet our culture and community goals, specifically in instilling a culture of sustainability within our staff. However, technology does provide ways and means of getting around this – it just takes some imagination. Did somebody say virtual wellness day?


Now more than ever, addressing climate change, cutting costs and enhancing your business’s reputation should be the first topics of discussion on your strategic agenda’s. These are all attainable by adopting the One Planet Living framework.

Bioregional will be hosting a free webinar on how One Planet Living can transform your business on the 25th August 2020, with speakers from Cundall (https://cundall.com/), Naturesave Insurance (https://www.naturesave.co.uk/), and Green Office (www.greenoffice.co.za).

You can register for the webinar here – https://lnkd.in/gGKwEtW.
Large Corporates or SMME’s – all businesses can benefit from One Planet Living.

Would you like to learn more about One Planet Living? Give us a call today and we will steer your business in the right direction.Contact Us