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Measure What Matters – Assessing and Adapting to The NEW NORMAL

“Business Analysis is a disciplined approach for introducing and managing change to organizations, whether they are for-profit businesses, governments, or non-profits; by identifying and defining the solutions that will maximize the value delivered by an organization to its stakeholders”.
Marta Magnuszewska, Special Investigation Unit Analyst


The working world as we know it has changed exponentially and everyone is pondering on what the new working world will look like. Uncertainty and fear are occupying the minds of most individuals now, which limits the ability to gain momentum.

To gain momentum, businesses have been forced to restructure and change the way they do things. Some businesses have found more efficient and cost effective ways of operating and functioning daily using a business analysis approach.

Most businesses in today’s world will have loads of underutilized Data within their business, which if analysed effectively can potentially help energise and build momentum.

Over the past 16 years, Green Office has used a Business Analysis approach at various companies to analyse their print environments and business processing optimisation.

We have found that, where the Data Analysis and implementation has been successful the following 4 things have been in place:

    1. The decision on doing the analysis has to come from the Top of the organisation or at least the business unit owner.
      chess-3325010_1920We find that often, there are numerous issues that bring about inefficiency such as, glaring potential problems, inflated costs, and the lack of real use or no use of products and service. It is imperative to have the correct decision makers in the room, to implement strategic decisions and changes within the organisation. Also, for change to be effective it needs to come from the top.
      A different set of expert eyes can be very useful.
    2. Determine what it is you would like to achieve and by when?
      Typically, most Data Analysis will start with when someone asks the question WHY?
      Why are we doing it this way? Why is this costing us so much? Why are we not using this technology that we pay for?

      arrow-2886223_1920If there is no clear plan with measurable outcomes and timelines in place, it will not succeed. A great book to read is Measure What Matters by John Doer on how great companies used OKR (Objectives and Key Results) to achieve greatness.
      Make sure you know what the end game is. These are good starting points but without an end goal in mind, it will not be achieved. Also, be realistic in your timeframes to achieve these goals.

    3. Take Action and get results.
      business-idea-534228_1920No action equals no result. Time and time again this happens where great data is presented, and nothing happens.

      You present a clear plan with milestones from the data given, with efficiency and cost reductions and it falls through the cracks. As previously mentioned, for Companies to be more efficient, there will need to be a key focus on the data presented through Business Analysis, all stakeholders of the business need to understand the importance of this and the direction that the company is moving towards. It is the responsibility of Top management to implement strategies to achieve the vision and goals set out.

    4. Have a clearly defined and measurable matrix to hold insource or outsource to account for the delivery of the ROI.
      investment-3247252_1920Once you have the data at your fingertips then you decide who is needed and how you are going to achieve the results that are anticipated.

      When measuring what matters, the ROI must be discovered or there is no point in proceeding.

We have all learnt a few valuable lessons while navigating our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, where all businesses have been shaken in some way or another. The time is now to make changes that can make you efficient in what you do, and Data used effectively can reduce costs while improving efficiencies.

If you would like a detailed analysis of your office workflow associated to print, with a clear plan to reduce cost and increase efficiency please contact us.

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