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When choosing a Managed Print Solution, one needs to understand what the current state of your print environment is and where you would like to go with your office printing.

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One needs to clearly define your goals and outcomes.

The following 5 factors are important things to look out for once you are clear on where you want to go:

  1. You need to gain visibility of your current fleet of devices. A full understanding of this can be obtained through an MPS Print Assessment.
  2. The visibility gained through this assessment needs to include a detailed analysis of the current state of your print environment. This should include the following as a bare minimum.
  • Accurate Asset List of every printing device
  • Volume of pages printed though each device, sample set or period 
  • Accurate hardware costs per device
  • Service and maintenance and/or consumable costs that support the device
  • Contractual obligations – Finance or Operational  
  1. Make sure that the data you have is aligned with what the user’s requirements are. Knowledge of this data is a powerful tool which can drive efficiencies and cost reductions.  However, one needs to make sure this aligns with the users and their requirements.
  2. Understanding all components of what printing device capabilities are and what you require these devices for, can have a large bearing on future printing costs.
  3. Your current technology used as well as your IT infrastructure needs to be accessed, ensuring that you are using the technologies available and that your  infrastructure can support a Managed Print Service.   

Gaining control of your current print infrastructure is certainly the best thing you can do to make sure you achieve a result based outcome, when deciding to move to a Managed Print Service.

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