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Green Office is on a Drive to Make Greener & More Sustainable Gifts

I have always loved the quote:
The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of inspiration.” – by Cornel West

Business owners are becoming more aware of the effect their activities are having on the environment, and because of this, people are showing a greater interest in transitioning from the ordinary, everyday, overdone corporate gifts to now gifting customers with gifts that have “a meaning”. What a better way to inspire your colleagues/clients to be sustainable than to gift them with an eco-friendly gift to remind them of the value of supporting brands that are socially and environmentally friendly.

Greener Sustainable Gifting

Corporate gifts are a great way of communicating your appreciation for your customers and employees, and to thank them for their continuous support and partnership. I’m sure it’s safe to say that most of us DO feel more motivated and appreciated when we are acknowledged in some way or another. Be it by a “thank you” email, or a shout out  in a meeting, or even through a well thought out gift.

As a result, businesses are carefully considering how their companies can play their part in ensuring that future generations have a cleaner, healthier planet. Giving environmentally-friendly corporate gifts to colleagues/clients is a way of doing their bit for the environment as well as avoiding imitation. This is great for potential business growth, as well as being an effective way to show your company’s unique selling proposition.

While I have heard a lot of  “Naysayers” complain about the cost of these greener options, I feel that the long-term effects outweigh any initial concerns regarding cost. People are wanting to make a difference by going green and gifting something that has a “behind the scenes” story while contributing to a happier community and healthier environment.

After years of research and development, the inception and release of the ‘eezigo Designed for mobility’ laptop stand will allow Green Office to make a more meaningful, positive impact on the environment. We are now able to offer a bespoke corporate gift to our clients/employees made from recycled plastic processed by our very own Green ABLE.


People prefer to receive practical gifts and this CAN include a range of functional items made from recycled materials. This is why we decided to develop a Portable Laptop Stand /Notebook Riser – it is a perfect gift for anyone who works on their laptops from multiple locations, be it at home, the office, coffee shops, boardrooms, airports, hotels etc. It has all the relative features that one requires in a laptop stand – it is compact, portable, adjustable for ergonomic benefits, attachable, detachable and takes under five seconds to set up or fold away.

eezigo Laptop Stand Banner

This is an innovative product that is made using our very own sustainable “close the loop” solution, whilst uplifting the disabled community, which is what we feel makes this a truly unique gift, combining plastic recycling, corporate social responsibility and innovation.

Should you be interested in requesting a quote for this awesome product for your company’s 2019 corporate gift, click on the below tab to request a quote and one of our Green Office Consultants will be in contact to attend to your request.

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