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Case Study: St David’s Marist Citation

By 10th Jun 2021Case Studies

Green Office approached St. David’s Marist towards the end of 2014 to conduct an assessment of their print environment. The assessment was conducted in February 2015 and the school was found to have experienced typical school related problems including too many devices, unmanaged, across the school

What we have done and are doing for St. Davids Marist:

Green Office was appointed and are currently tasked to address the following problems:

  • Implement a monthly average cost reduction of R13, 500.00 by right sizing and removing kit.
  • Reduction in the number of brands and models which will make consumable control easier.
  • There are 43 retired devices that are being billed for costing R2, 262.35 per month on minimum billing.
  • Remove 60 desktop printers and place fewer cost effective and efficient centralised devices.
  • Implement a Green Office remanufactured cartridge solution for 99% of their devices. Achieving an overall cost reduction of more than 50% on consumable spend


Green Office is currently working on gaining 100% control of the print environment but have achieved the following to date:

  • Quarterly reporting on MPS projects status and achievements.
  • 99% of devices are now using Green Office remanufactured cartridges thereby reducing costs substantially.
  • Empty Cartridge Collection Solution implemented.
  • Number of cartridges collected: 523.