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Case Study: Jeppe High School

By 10th June 2021Case Studies

Green Office approached Jeppe High School for boys towards the end of 2014 to conduct an assessment of their print environment. The assessment was conducted and it was found that the school experienced typical problems associated with most schools. The main concern was that the school was tied into legacy contracts that included excessive escalations on rental charges and cost per copy

What we have done and are doing for Jeppe High School:

Green Office was appointed on the 1st of November 2015 to take over responsibility and provide solutions for the following:

Contracted devices: Green Office conducted the “Request for Proposal” process to replace all the devices that were on contract.

Empty cartridge solution: Green Office introduced a process with supporting logistics to collect the school’s empty cartridges with a recycling solution.

Print cost recovery: Green Office is in the process of implementing a solution in the Hostels which will allow students to pay for prints when required. This solution will ensure students can print at any time and that running costs are covered by users as they print.


Green Office conducted the “Request for Proposal” which involved screening proposals from 6 independent companies. The process ran for 2 months, comparing and rating all companies on many different factors. The assessment was concluded on the 29th of February 2015 and the successful company was awarded the contract. The newly negotiated contracts and costs have saved Jeppe High School for Boys a minimum of R75, 000.00 per month.

R75, 000.00 – Total cost avoidance – per month