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Case Study: Hilton College

By 10th Jun 2021Case Studies

Hilton College was a long term client prospect, having gone through two sets of assessments, the first in 2012 and the second towards the end of 2015. Both of these assessments effected savings for the client. Hilton’s initial problem was over-capitalisation and high CPC costs with their existing vendor. The last assessment uncovered a potential 60% reduction in costs. As a result of these findings and our approach in the process, Hilton appointed us to manage their print environment in January 2016.

What we have done and are doing for Hilton College:

  • Cost reduction based on current vendors machine utility at 20%, therefore negotiating complete rental reduction running on ever green as the CPC was at an optimal rate.
  • Checking of current invoices to achieve a credit based on over billing agreed rental reduction not adhered to from 2014-2016.
  • Reporting on total volumes.
  • Reporting on total costs.
  • Fleet reporting.
  • Contract tracking.
  • User print behavior (granular data).
  • Departmental tracking.
  • Paper cut enhancement version NG to MF.
  • Alignment of current fleet contract end dates for full tender rollout 2017


  • Monthly reporting on MPS projects status and achievements.
  • Total cost avoidance: R14, 521.64 per month.
  • Total cost reduction based on cartridge solution: R553.00 per month.
  • Pending credit due to invoicing error: R91, 015.74.
  • Environmental reporting: 0 (Early MPS).
  • Total cost savings/avoidance: R14, 521.64 per month.
  • Total cost reduction as a percentage: 12% reduction.


R35, 000.00  – Target KPI – per month

R14, 521.64 – Achieved TD – per month (42%)

R50, 000.00 – Potential reduction – per month (43%)