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Who hasn’t wanted to take out their frustrations on the ever-failing office printer? From confusing error messages and always-empty ink cartridges to unfixable paper jams. Today’s printers are a source of frustration and angst for most, and yet we can’t go without them either.


Here are eight common pain points most people experience when printing:

  1. Ink/toner cartridges cost a fortune to replace, and that’s only if the manufacturer still makes the cartridge you use (they often get discontinued without any warning!), what do you do then?

  2. You just replaced the ink/toner cartridge and the printer doesnt recognise it, or it asks you to replace the imaging drum (Drum? What drum? And why is it so expensive?). 

  3. You want to print a black and white document but the printer wont let you because one of the colour cartridges are empty (I want to print black and white, not colour dammit!).

  4. Drivers are constantly outdated (there is always an error after updating, why dont updates work correctly?).

  5. There seems to always be a network issue (whether youre using wired/wireless networking, it never connects correctly).

  6. Unhelpful customer support (which makes it impossible to fix any issues anyway).

  7. Everything is printing perfectly, then somehow that one sheet of paper goes in skew (all hell breaks loose and you have a paper jam).

  8. How the hell do you get that jammed paper out of your printer without tearing it into millions of little pieces?

At some point, most of us are going hate something about any printer we’re using. The reality is that all printers will cost you money and deliver less than desirable results most of the time if unmanaged and maintained properly. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and stop expecting your printer to “just work”.  Rather get the professionals in to manage this aspect of your business environment for you, saving you time and money in the process.

 Really struggling with your printer? 
Feel free to request we get in touch with you to assist with all printing issues and provide helpful strategies on how to reduce your printing costs.

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