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Think twice before opting for bartered sponsorship deals for your school with Office Automation companies. 

These days there appears to be a trend with Office Automation companies offering sponsorship to schools in order to obtain their business, the question and concern this raises with me is “Who is actually paying for the sponsorship, the Office Automation Company or the School?”


I recently engaged with a school that was offered what seemed to be a great sponsorship deal in return for their business. However, upon investigation it turned out that the rates the school were paying had been highly inflated and were laden with high finance costs on their hardware rentals. This resulted in the school (unbeknownst to them) ending up paying for their sponsored incentive.

It really irks me to see how schools and the people that are educating our children are tricked into thinking that they are receiving an excellent deal with added incentive of sponsorship towards the school’s needs and requirements.  My purpose in writing this article is to help prevent schools from getting caught in this trap.

 Here are some tips to look out for:

  • When buying new Office Automation and you get offered a sponsored incentive, keep your eyes wide open as nothing is free, everything comes at a price.
  • Always get an out-right purchase price and comparison quote.
  • Understand what you require and buy for what you need.
  • Understand the T’s & C’s you are signing.

Print is a big cost within a school and it is something that a board or bursar does need to pay attention to. We are talking about our children’s futures, let’s make sure they get the best teaching they possibly can and not have any unnecessary costs added to the mix.

To understand what you would require and buy for what you need, download our infographic.

Download our guide on savings we have achieved through assisting schools in the Office Automation and Managed Print space, where we really made a significant difference in their cost savings.Contact Us