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health and happinessThe first One Planet Living principle we will be exploring is health and happiness.  When thinking of the word “Sustainability”, one doesn’t normally think about what we dish up on our dinner plates, or our well-being for that matter.  The reality is however, that a happy and healthy community is a sustainable one, and it’s no different with respect to happy and healthy employees contributing to a business’ sustainability.  This tends to be overlooked by employers, yet it is arguably one of the most important aspects to keeping customers happy – vital to any business’s success.  Consider the following benefits of ensuring that your employees are happy and healthy.


  1. Happy people sell more. Customers aren’t going to want to buy your product from an uninterested, unhappy salesperson.  Happy employees are more productive and combined with positive emotions and outlooks can result in a successful sales pitch.
  2. Improved decision making. In times of hardship (which I’m sure many of us can relate to in these difficult economic times), happy people can revert back to their original mood faster after being faced with adversity, negating fear and other negative emotions allowing for more efficient and effective decision making.
  3. Greater innovation. Being happy allows for the creative side of our brains to be accessed, making us more creative and innovative.
  4. Reduction in lost productivity. Happy people with a positive outlook tends to get sick less than those that wallow in negativity.  Employees can only be more productive if they’re not taking sick leave often, improving the bottom line.
  5. Improved customer service. This links to the fact that happy people sell more.  Our customers like to talk to happy people.  The saying that you should always answer the phone with a smile is true – the cheeriness in your voice makes your customer want to do business with you! 


Here’s to living a more happy and healthy life!

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