Our Story

Green Office has been in operation since 1997, starting out in a garage with only 3 people. We are now a fully fledged Managed Service business focusing on driving efficiencies and sustainability initiatives to ensure that our clients don’t have physical, financial and operational waste.

In 1997

Green Office started out by collecting empty print cartridges with the aim to re-manufacture them and sell them to clients and prospects, thus avoiding the unnecessary disposal to landfill. The key differentiator was that our clients were getting a quality re-manufactured toner cartridge at reduced prices that we don’t just refill, but rather refill and replace parts to ensure that the cartridge is fully functional for re-sale purposes.

In 2001

We saw the need to supply print hardware and embarked on a journey to register as resellers for numerous brands to establish ourselves in this space.

In 2003

We conducted our first ever Print Assessment to understand the print market make-up and to determine our clients Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to print a page.

In 2004

Green Office attended our first ever MPS Trade Show (very much an Office Automation get together).

In 2006

We compiled our own MPS Process & Operations Manual in order to gain control, provide cost containment/avoidance as well as change optimisation.

In 2009

Green Office started realizing the value in Print Management Software to drive secure print release as well as gathering data on volumes printed by users and departments.

In 2011

 Managed Print as a services was launched. Our goal was to design, develop and implement a strategy for companies with a clear objective to reduce cost and volume within our customers environment.

In 2015

Data provided knowledge which assisted in change management as well as optimisation solutions within our client’s business environments.

In 2017

Introduced the Smart Sheet Project Management Tool, this helped prove change and allowed measurement of change.

In 2018

We introduced Digitalisation as a service. Understanding the complexities around people, process and systems using data assisted in driving change within our clients. Green Office established our Digitalisation arm where we use a bottom-up approach to digitizing processes. Our aim is to understand what and why people are printing, to identify ways to digitize paper-intense processes using technologies/software.

In 2019

To further assist with Sustainability Initiatives in our clients, we launched a  Sustainability Consulting Service to assist SME’s in understanding their Environmental Impacts, with ways to reduce and mitigate these impacts.

In 2020

With the world moving to digital and more data being consumed in digital ways, we need to ensure that it is secure within the IT environment. As such, Green Office has partnered with cutting edge technology aimed at identifying, managing and remediating vulnerabilities for our clients and thus launched our Cyber Security offering.

Our Green focus through the years

As a business we’ve always focused on sustainability through our NPO, Green ABLE where we employ disabled persons to dismantle redundant cartridges and separate it into plastics, metal and toner powder. The plastics are then melted and palletized to produce recycled products such as our “eezigo – designed for mobility” laptop stands. This is our attempt to close the loop on recycled plastics.


To further assist with sustainability initiatives in our clients, we offer sustainability consulting services to SME’s to assist them in understanding their environmental impacts, with ways to reduce and mitigate these impacts.  Who would not want their business to be more efficient and sustainable? In theory, this should be an easy decision to make, but it’s often not easy at all.  We will continue to work passionately in our pursuit of making business more efficient and sustainable. If we are not doing this, then we don’t belong there.

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