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Green Office has a brand agnostic approach to Hardware & Support. Available at different speeds and sizes, our recommendations are based on your needs to ensure a cost-effective, fit-for-purpose and right-sized hardware solution.

Don’t Know What to Consider When Choosing the Right Type of Device.
  • Do I need a bigger centralised printer or rather smaller printers in closer vicinity of each other?
  • Will all the devices be able to print pages double sided?
  • What are the scanning volumes per month? (ie The smaller the device, the fewer the number of scans).
  • Faxing – do we even still need this functionality?
Different Users Have Different Requirements, Making Centralised Printers Difficult to Choose.
  • I need A3, but the volume of A3 prints doesn’t justify this functionality.
  • Some users require a high quality of prints while others don’t.
  • Users are printing confidential documents and need their own devices.
  • Colour devices are required but not all users have to print in colour.
  • Speed and Price – the faster the printer, the more you pay.
I Didn’t Even Think Of…
  • If it is a busy printer in a busy office section, the device needs to be durable, with enough paper trays to comfortably handle the volumes.
  • Are there any users printing from MAC (Apple) devices? Not all print devices are compatible with Apple products.
  • Device and user ratio – if too many people use the same device, people will be queuing to collect their prints.
  • The idea is to go wireless in the future, but not all of my devices have this capability.

Hardware Solutions

Supply of print hardware to facilitate print outputs within your office environment.  Devices can be purchased outright or leased through Green Office. Devices included in our range of solutions are:

  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • Dot-matrix
  • Desktop / Standalone
  • Production Devices (for high volume areas such as print rooms)

Brands Supplied:

Support Solutions

Green Office can provide a service to accompany sale of the hardware, as well as take over the servicing of existing hardware within your print environment. This service can be provided by means of:

  • Ad-hoc support on print hardware.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement), where a CPP (Cost per Page) is charged which includes all parts, consumables and toners for the device to function. Volumes are thus tracked and billed monthly.

What our clients have to say about our Hardware & Support Solutions

Green Office simply makes Managed Print Services a far less painful experience from what the industry standard is.

Christi De Vos - ICT ManagerStefanutti Stocks Construction & Mining Business Unit

We use Green Office because of their efficient service and the reliable advice received.

Susan Rossouw - BursarWaterkloof House Preparatory School

Green Office offers us efficient and affordable service.

Sarathea Jordaan - CFOSSG Facilities

Green Office is my preferred partner, because their value creation starts with their customers. Their brand speaks to the following key areas: Strong Relationships, Cost Effectiveness, Quality Hardware and Service Excellence.

Grant Devereux - IT Operations ManagerBetterLife Group

We started working with Green Office to gain greater control of our print environment and lower our monthly costs, we continued working with them because they delivered on those requirements, and offer us fantastic ongoing support.

Shaun Edwards - IT ManagerCedar House

By partnering with Green Office for all our printing needs, I could start focussing on more pressing matters. As a bonus we saw running costs coming down and up-time were never better. Throwing in competitive pricing on new machines and good friendly service, what more can I ask for?

Albertus van den Berg - ICT ManagerH G MOLENAAR & CO.

Outstanding service, always there to assist and provide solutions.

Richard Witschi - Desktop Support TechnicianBarloworld Transport
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