Consulting, Analysis & Reporting Solution

Managed Print Services (MPS) encompass a number of different aspects all working together to monitor, manage and streamline a business’ document environment.

Once we are aligned with our clients’ needs, our implementation process enables us to introduce long-term strategic interventions such as:

  • Management of existing vendors
  • Optimising existing equipment
  • Prevention of unnecessary new equipment
  • Bespoke software & technology
  • Enhancing business processes
  • Staff training

Our unique assessment process enables us to determine:

  • The total number of devices on-site
  • Device fleet capacity & utilisation
  • Remaining life span of device fleet
  • Device paper usage
  • Areas of inefficiency driving costs up
  • A detailed analysis of all existing contract information
  • Full solution cost recommendations

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    While reducing costs is top of mind for almost every organisation, managed print services offers many additional benefits outside of cost savings.

    By removing unnecessary processes and streamlining others, we bring savings in resource allocation by reducing and standardising your hardware fleet, consolidating vendors, reducing print volumes, improving document security and adding control.

    The Green Office Managed Print Services assessment and implementation process involves assessing the different factors that influence an office’s document environment and then implementing holistic solutions based on the resulting insights