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Green Office delivers environmentally-conscious and technology driven document solutions to businesses by taking control of their print environments, reducing waste and adding value.

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MPSManaged Print Services

“Most organisations that haven’t implemented
a true MPS solution do not really
understand their printing costs today.

At Green Office we maximise efficiencies
and streamline existing processes to reduce
printing costs by up to 50%.”

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Why you need Managed Print Services?

“Managed Print Services (MPS) encompass a number of different aspects all working together to monitor, manage and streamline a business’s document environment.”

Centralised systems

  • One contract, one point of contact
  • Green Office manages all reporting
  • Detailed analysis and control

Optimised costs

  • Detailed tracking
  • Cost savings
  • Time savings

Bespoke software

  • Monitor and report on all aspects of user behaviour and print outputs
  • Provides control, cost containment and continuity

Digital intergration

  • Innovative document management
  • Market-leading digital filling and archiving systems
  • Safe document storage
  • Click-of-a-button retrievals

Staff training

  • Enables people and processes to work together seamlessly
  • Practical solutions are shared to maximise effectiveness and reduce environmental impact

Reduced carbon footprint

  • Proficient in all aspects of cartridge technology
  • Supply and collections
  • Remanufacturing and recycling

The Benefits you get from MPS

Moving to a managed print services model has a generous return on investment, even though some of the benefits are hidden from view until a thorough analysis has been done.

While reducing costs is top of mind for almost every organisation, MPS offers many additional benefits outside of cost savings. By removing unnecessary processes and streamlining others, we bring savings in resource allocation by reducing and standardising your hardware fleet, consolidating vendors, reducing print volumes, improving document security and adding control.

Without Green Office With Green Office
Centralised vendor management
Centralised vendor management
  • Client has to dedicate staff to manage multiple vendors
  • Clients’ employees have to contact multiple help desks to log calls
  • Client is responsible for on-going management of multiple vendors
  • Consolidated management across all vendors
  • Centralised call centre helpdesk
  • One point of contact
  • Centralised systems and processes
  • Improved vendor SLA’s
Consolidated cost tracking
Consolidated cost tracking
  • Client has to dedicate staff to manually collate costs across multiple vendors
  • Client receives multiple bills from vendors making cost tracking difficult
  • Multiple contracts and pricing structures exist across vendors.
  • Consolidated cost tracking across all vendors
  • Tracking of all rentals and printing costs
  • Verification of all vendor invoices.
Consolidated reporting
Consolidated reporting
  • Client has to dedicate staff to collate information from multiple vendors for reporting purposes
  • Client has to dedicate staff to manage service levels across multiple vendors
  • Consolidated reporting across all vendors
  • Executive summary
  • Cost analysis
  • Volumes trends and utilisation
  • Duplex trends
  • User detail
  • Fleet analysis and connectivity status
  • Service level activity
  • Environmental impact
Specialised advice
Specialised advice None
  • PRS (Print Reduction Solutions)
  • ADS (Advanced Document Solutions)
  • BPS (Business Process Solutions)
Reduced carbon footprint
Reduced carbon footprint None
  • Reduced paper usage
  • Cartridge and paper recycling

Work with Green Office

The Green Office MPS assessment and implementation process involves assessing the different factors that influence an office’s document environment and then implementing holistic solutions based on the resulting insights.

Our unique assessment process enables us to determine:
  • The total number of devices on-site
  • Device fleet capacity and utilisation
  • Remaining life span of device fleet
  • Device paper usage
  • Areas of inefficiency driving costs up
  • A detailed analysis of all existing contract information
  • Full solution cost recommendations
Once we are aligned with our clients’ needs, our implementation process enables us to introduce long-term strategic interventions such as:
  • Management of existing vendors
  • Optimising existing equipment
  • Prevention of unnecessary new equipment
  • Bespoke software and technology
  • Enhancing business processes
  • Staff training

Green Office MPS assessment and implementation process
Green Office MPS assessment and implementation process

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A successful business relationship between an MPS vendor and its customers requires the vendor to develop and in-depth knowledge about the customers device and usage. Additionally, a keen understanding of the business process and workflows is vitally important. As companies seek possible MPS partners, they need to be able to discriminate between sales fluff and real experience. This is a strategic solution, not a day-to-day hard copy offering.


Major brands we support:


“In 2013, Green Office saved 602,761 kgs of
plastic and other waste from ending up in landfills
through our recycling and remanufacturing efforts.

This is an energy savings equivalent to driving
a medium sized petrol car over 3.5 million km
(distance equivalent to driving the circumference
of the earth 87 times).”

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Leaders in cartridges solutions

Our cartridge solutions are managed based on customer needs – whether they need OEM cartridges (original equipment manufacturer) for laser jet or ink jet printing, or remanufactured cartridges that have been produced by Green Office.

Since our business was founded in 1997, we have been focused on the supply of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and remanufactured cartridges.

We have developed a series of sophisticated internal processes and software tools that monitor and provide control throughout the entire cartridges procurement process – from purchase, to distribution, through usage and finally disposal.

Our stringent ISO standards also ensure exceptional quality, high yield cartridges with significant environmental benefits and cost savings to businesses.

Green Office cartridges solution benefits:
  • Choice on cartridge type (OEM or remanufactured)
  • Cartridge life cycle is managed
  • High service levels with quick turnaround and delivery
  • Full guarantees on all cartridges
  • Stable pricing on remanufactured cartridges (imported OEM products prices fluctuate based on foreign exchange)
  • Carbon foot print management

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Clients we supply:

Let us collect your cartridges

South African legislation classifies printer cartridge waste as hazardous, so every effort should be made to re-use or recycle units before finally disposing of them in the correct way. To help make the cartridge disposal process easy and seamless

To help make the cartridge disposal process easy and seamless, Green Office provides a collection service to any business that would like to get rid of used units responsibly. Most empty cartridges also have a value which, should you request it, Green Office will pay to either a charity of your choice or one of our designated partners.

Green Office provides a free collection service to any business that would like to get rid of spent units responsibly.

Cartridge collection process

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Cartridges collections for everyone

At Green Office, we believe that recycling should be accessible to everyone, so we do not limit our cartridge-remanufacturing programme to collections from businesses. We will even pick up cartridges from members of the public if they have 15 or more.

Green Office also runs a schools programme, providing free collection at more than 100 institutions nationwide. We committed to supporting educational programmes for students surrounding environmental awareness, as well as developing and funding educational material for schools through our cartridge collection programme. We have also partnered with the MySchool programme to help schools raise funds through these activities.

For more information on our public cartridge activities, or to find your nearest drop off point or participating school, contact us now.
Green Office Email Green Office Call0860 000 444

Remanufacturing saves around 25% to 40% of the energy needed to make an original cartridge. Remanufacturing saves around 2.8l of oil (the amount used in producing a new cartridge). Significantly less air and water pollution results from remanufacturing compared to the production of original cartridges.


“Research has shown that implementing
software tools to manage printing can
reduce paper usage by up to 20%.”

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Custom document
management software

Printing makes up a significant part of an organisation’s environmental footprint and one of the key ways a business can improve their sustainability is to prevent unnecessary wastage. To assist businesses in achieving this, Green Office has produced an in-house software suite ensuring that a business’s document environment is more efficiently managed, cutting both the cost and wastage associated with unmanaged printing.

Our suite of custom developed software

GoTech is a monitoring and reporting application for print equipment which provides:
  • Live reporting on the status of all networked devices
  • Ability to quickly identify and remedy issues
  • Reduces downtime and wastage
  • Increasing productivity
GoSmart is a software tool that:
  • Tracks, monitors and reports on user print behaviour (e.g. paper usage and document type)
  • Helps reduce paper usage and energy consumption
  • Reduce a business’s carbon footprint
  • Maintain productivity
  • Encourages employees to embrace responsible print habits
GoStore is a digital archiving system that offers:
  • Paperless information capture and transfer
  • Eliminates hard copy filing systems
  • Reduces unnecessary paper and energy consumption
  • Centralises files
  • Creates an electronically accessible document archive
GoTrack is a software tool that enables complete asset control for all print-related costs, including:
  • Rental charges and third party vendor costs
  • Monthly cost monitoring to facilitate a consolidated billing mechanism
  • Total costs of the device fleet analysed and reviewed
  • Improved device utilisation
  • Third party contract period monitoring
GoPrint is an app and software suite that allows smart device users to easily print from the cloud. It also monitors and manages:
  • Print activities for complete efficiency
  • Allows accurate tracking and billing

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Green Able employs 28 physically disabled people
and has provided over 37 people with disabilities
further training and bursaries to date.

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Empowering people
through sustainability

Green Office’s CSI Programme, Green Able is a non-profit organisation with an 18A certification that creates employment and skills development opportunities for previously unemployed individuals with disabilities.

Through its work in the three main areas of recycling, cartridge collection and skills development, it helps to address social, economic and environmental challenges and gives beneficiaries the ability to lead financially empowered lives while also making a meaningful contribution the environment.

Empowering people through sustainability


Green Able employees act as collection agents with satellite businesses in their own homes. This gives them the ability to gain business skills, while at the same time earning a sustainable income.


The only initiative of its kind in Africa, Green Able’s recycling initiative sees beneficiaries working to clean and strip collected print cartridges, allowing for the units to be completely recycled. To date over 475 tonnes of waste has been diverted from landfill sites.


With an emphasis on upskilling as a critical aspect for development and empowerment, Green Able works on helping people with disabilities to reach their full potential within the workplace. To do this, beneficiaries are provided with education such as ABT training (matric equivalent), internships and bursaries

Serving the community

At Green Office, we don’t just focus on the sustainability of our partners, but also the communities in which we operate. Because of this, we extend our services to the public through initiatives such as our school programmes (in partnership with the MySchool programme), where people can safely dispose of printer cartridges for proper recycling and remanufacture.

Small businesses are key to stimulating economic growth within the green industry and the South African community at large. For this reason, our CSI initiatives and partnerships focus on micro-enterprises, concentrating on people with physical disabilities, traditionally a highly marginalised group, enhancing professional skills and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Get involved

Green Able and our other projects are supported and funded in part through the work we do with our customers, as part of our CSI programme. We also welcome partnerships with businesses that wish to support Green Able in a more direct way.

This can also be a means for businesses to contribute to their BBBEE rating through activities such as:
  • Donating to Green Able and recycling projects
  • Sponsoring training or learnership programmes
  • Supporting our agent model through enterprise development
  • Provide time and expertise to assist Green Able and its beneficiaries
  • Setting up an empty cartridge collection initiative within your company and donating the value of the collected units to Green Able

Get involved and change a life Green Office Email Green Office Call0860 000 444